The ``LaVi'' (short for Language and Vision) Lab is led by Prof. Liwei Wang in CSE@CUHK. The research focus of this team is to develop AI (NLP and Vision) algorithms that can allow machines to interact with people.

Phd students and Research Assistants:

Shijia Huang (B.E. from SCUT, got three times National scholarships during his undergraduate study)

Jianqiao Zhao (B.E. from Tsinghua, M.S. from Columbia University)

Yanyang Li (B.E. from Northeastern University, M.S. from CityU)

Yongfeng Huang (B.E. from UESTC, M.S. from Tsinghua)

Ziyuan Hu (B.E. from SYSU, got twice National scholarships during his undergraduate study)

Duo Zheng (B.E. from BUPT, M.S. from BUPT)

Shuo Liang (B.E. from HUST, M.S. from HUST)

Lin Zhao (visiting student from BIT in 3D vision direction from Sep 2022 to Aug 2023)

******* We are hiring excellent Phd students and Research Assistants/interns. ******
To join LaVi Lab, please contact Prof. Liwei Wang: